You are a car lover, the Yamaha MyGarage app is a great suggestion for you. With this app, you can easily control vehicles and vehicles. It will be especially useful for citizens in the 4.0 era. And moving is no longer difficult for applications in the Auto & Vehicles group. Here is some detailed information about the application we share with you.
MyGarage offers you the chance to build your dream collection of Yamaha road motorcycles and/or scooters under one roof. It gives a modern and easy-to-use way to experience how your dream machines might look like with accessories fitted.

The bikes are rendered using a powerful 3D high-end-real-time-engine enabling you to see them from any angle in high-definition.

• This extensive range covers every Yamaha you could wish for; your perfect Yamaha is simply a download and a few clicks away.
• The MyGarage app will include all the new models, accessories and colors before they hit the stores.
• Fill your personal garage with your dream bikes.
• Take photos from any angle to share your bikes with your friends.
• Compare the prices of different models and configurations.
• Send your ultimate machine(s) directly to your local Yamaha Dealer to schedule a test drive, request a quote or get more information

The Award-winning Yamaha MyGarage apps have been acknowledged as one of the most popular (with 1 Million downloads since 2016) powered-two-wheeler apps on the market for motorcycle customization.

The new MyGarage app brings all MyGarage single apps together. Don't panic if you've already created your perfect Yamaha in one of the single apps, any configured machine(s) will be as saved in the new app.

Recommended: Android 4.4+*

*The apps use linear rendering, the lower end and older devices do not support this way of rendering which requires OpenGL ES 3
Yamaha MyGarage is a great choice for you to find the fastest way to move. So you can check the route, the cost you need to pay for your journey. It's great that everything can be done on a smartphone. Please download Yamaha MyGarage at the website APK Voz to enjoy it. If there is any information, don't forget to contact us!