You don't like the default library on your phone, Vocoder is an option you might consider. With this library, you will easily find your photos and videos. In addition, its interface is beautifully designed so it is quite interesting. You will find your phone look better and more vivid. It is also the utility that applications in the group Vocoder bring.
Vocoder is real time pitch shifter stompbox like effect. I made this app to test some ideas for new pitch shifting algorithm and it worked well. It is not great but just fine. It is not real vocoder logic but instead a combination of my secret algorithms that I am playing with at the moment.

I tried to make it real time as possible but there is a delay because of the current java api. However it is fun enough and real time enough to make you have some good time. Imagine delayed vocoder :)

Vocoder features:

- dry signal volume
- effects signal volume
- space algorithm
- pitch shifting control (range is one octave up and one octave down)

Works only when connected to headphones or speakers. The reason is the feedback (feedback cancellation is hard to do and not my aim at the moment)
With the app Vocoder you can fully master your Libraries and Demo. One of the ways to renew and reinvent one's own energy and creativity. Hope you enjoy the interface and utilities that the application is provided from the Vocoder website. If you have any feedback please contact us immediately!