Among the apps developed, Cốc Cốc is the app in the most favorite Entertainment group. As its name implies, this application will help you get the most enjoyable and relaxing moments. With simple software and a few operations, you have the entertainment world at your fingertips. Here is some information about Cốc Cốc that we share with you.
Browse Internet fast & secure on Android with Cốc Cốc - the web browser proudly used by more than 24 millions of Vietnamese people. Together with the success of the desktop version, the Android version of Cốc Cốc brings you a fast, convenient & safe Internet browsing experience.

- ADBLOCK - remove annoying and intrusive ads for a cleaner online experience and to save mobile data
- FAST DOWNLOAD - Get any videos or music files to your Android device in a blink
- EYE COMFORT - Enjoy web without reduce eye strain, sleep disorders or waking up people surrounding you
- DAILY NEWS - Stay updated of hot news everytime you open a new tab with the help of Artificial Intelligence
- SECURED - Browse web and leave no footprint with Incognito Mode
- MUSIC - Enjoy top trending or latest songs from top well-known sources; personnalize your music with Cốc Cốc Music, listening to music online, download songs to your Android devices anywhere, anytime!
- GAMES - Play free games on your smartphone (2048, Running Man...). Play games offline without WiFi or Data

Download & enjoy Cốc Cốc Mobile today!

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Through this Cốc Cốc app, you get the most interesting entertainment. This is also a way to renew energy and develop your creativity. Thus the efficiency of work and study will increase significantly. And wait any longer without downloading immediately the application from the website APK Voz about to use. Next, to Cốc Cốc, the category Entertainment has many other applications waiting for you to discover and experience.